Tate Langdon


He kissed me 🐼❤🐰 @tate-feelings

ohh, my darling 


Kiss me 🐼❤🐰 @tate-feelings

kisses for you my love ❤ Boo 

sunshinesongbird asked: Hey so i am apart of this radio show that is worldwide called "United Fandom Radio" we have a tumblr that is just unitedfandomradio(.)tumblr(.)com and you can listen to us there or on mixlr where you can also communicate with us. Anyway today May 19th (and every monday from now on at 8 pm est) our American Horror Story segment titled "Freak Show" will premiere. I would love it if you would listen in and post this ask publicly so your followers can know as well! Thank you!

Hey girls and boys I’d love you all my followers heard this radio, I would be very grateful to you <3